Creating the basic structure for a project (directory, dfe.conf) is viewed by many as a boring repetitive task.

For this reason the dscaff command will help 'scaffold' a project.


Whether interactively or not, dscaff can create the basic structure for any project including its dfe.conf file.

Usage: ./dscaff [-h] [-p <PATH>] [-n <NAME>] [-t <TYPE>] [-f <FREQ>] [-m <MMCU>] [-S] [-d <NAME>]
    * -h           Display this
    * -p PATH      Set destination path (default: .)
    * -n NAME      Set project name
    * -t TYPE      Set project type (valid options: app, lib)
    * -f FREQ      Set application frequency in Hz
    * -m MMCU      Set target µController
    * -d NAME      Add project dependency, use once per dependency, can't be used with -S
    * -S           Set project as stand-alone (no dependencies), can't be used with -d

If it's given enough command-line parameters to prepare the project, dscaff will do so without asking the user anything. However if no arguments (or not enough) are given, dscaff will enter interactive mode and ask the user to provide details about the project to be prepared.