Creating a case for the Maracas player

Aug 12 2019

almost 4 years ago


Once you've built your awesome custom MP3 player with the Maracas kit, you may want to protect it.

You wouldn't want to risk damaging it while listening to your music on the go!

I'm quite a fan of 3D printing technology as it allows me to prototype many things very quickly and easily. Therefore I started sketching up a very primitive "generic" enclosure / case for projects based on the ioProto (medium size) prototyping board.

The case features small pegs to hold the board through its four holes, as well as openings on all sides and the top to allow access to connectors, switches, displays etc...

Turns out the Maracas I've built fits very neatly in this case and is more comfortable to use than I had expected!

The case is presented in the Dooba Wiki. You can download the source file for Autodesk Fusion 360 and adapt it to your needs.

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