Shop is finally open!

Jun 26

over 1 year ago



We thought we'd never get there... After countless promises of "opening soon", "almost there", "check back next week" and the likes, I am very pleased to announce that the Dooba shop is now finally open for business!

Why the ridiculous wait, you ask?

I did not want to open before the ioNode was tested enough. Same goes for the SDK and core libraries. It took me a while to gather enough experience and feedback with these.

What I really wanted to avoid was to have people start using Dooba stuff and then radically change fundamental things - I personally hate this nightmare of constantly changing the very basics of a system / framework / technology.

This of course does not mean that Dooba will not evolve. The point here is making sure that I'm not going to completely re-think the SDK or the ioNode just three days after you've started playing with this stuff.

What to expect

For now, I'm starting with just the basics: the ioNode, a few modules and some nice t-shirts.

I am currently putting together some really cool kits that will help you build incredible projects. First up are the Remote-controlled vehicle kit and the Portable MP3 player kit.

Also, I have more amazing modules coming up for your projects, including motion sensing, GSM/3G, Ethernet, and more!

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