Dooba is back!

Jun 18

over 1 year ago


Hello! It's been a while...

Yes, it's been almost a year since I last posted anything... But that doesn't mean I've been sleeping all this time - quite the opposite in fact!

For the past years Dooba was very much a "side project" for me. I decided I wanted to get more committed and take things to another level. The first step in doing that was re-thinking the infrastructure around Dooba.

Getting serious

I started to feel like the Dooba infrastructure (servers, repositories, management, etc...) was lacking in many aspects.

So the first order of business was migrating from Redmine to something more complete and better suited to something like Dooba.

Repos & Project management

After evaluating some options I decided to go with Atlassian's tools - Bitbucket for the repositories and JIRA for project management.

Documentation system

One of the major reasons for migrating away from Redmine was the documentation system. While the wiki features offered by Redmine are interesting and certainly useful, I needed something more advanced. I decided I would go with MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia.

Proper hosting

Until very recently, the complete Dooba infrastructure (DNS, Web, DB, E-Mail, Repos, ...) was hosted on my personal ( dedicated server.

So the next item on the list was figuring out some proper hosting for this infrastructure. I went with OVH VPS service to have a dedicated virtual server on which I could host the website (what you're looking at right now) and the wiki.

For the e-mail, I finally went with Google's G Suite which allows much smoother management for a decent price.

Next steps

Now that I had everything in place, it was time for some cleaning up and making things more 'production-ready'. The time had come to update the modules, libraries, even the SDK.

So stay tuned for the big updates coming very soon - sign-up for the newsletter if you haven't already done it!