Introducing Trill - an open-source 3G mobile phone

Mar 06 2018

about 3 years ago


You read that correctly, I'm talking about a complete GSM/3G mobile phone, based on the ioNode!

As explained previously, I've been hard at work for the past half-year putting together this new "module" for the ioNode and writing all of the firmware libraries for it.


* 128 x 64 OLED display
* 16 buttons + 5-way mini-joystick
* Microphone & earpiece
* MicroSD card slot
* MicroSIM card slot
* MP3 decoder, headphone amplifier and 3.5mm stereo jack
* Vibrator


I also designed a basic plastic case using Blender.
My Ultimaker 2 Go printer did take quite a few hours to print all the parts, but the result turned out very satisfactory.

The documentation is available here.

I'll try to add more pictures and videos in the coming days.

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