The new Fiddle includes WiFi, MicroSD & breakouts

Feb 25

over 2 years ago


I was really surprised by the overwhelming success of the Fiddle during the last Zürich MakerFaire, which attracted an unexpected amount of attention.

More importantly, the feedback from the community was very clear:

- WiFi is not an option
- Breakouts would greatly improve the product by making it directly expandable

I took this in and also decided that if we're gonna have the ability to talk on the network, we should also be able to store data.

MicroSD being very light in terms of physical footprint and integration, it seemed like a good option.

So I went back to Eagle with all this and started re-designing the Fiddle from scratch.

Soon enough, I had a new design sent to OSH Park for manufacturing.

As soon as I got the boards I started assembling and testing them... THEY'RE AWESOME!

Not only do they include A LOT more, but the breakouts (which make the Fiddle a tiny bit wider) provide a much better grip and just make the thing easier to manipulate.

The documentation has been updated, you can go check it out here.

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