The new ioNode is awesome!

May 20 2017

almost 4 years ago



Tonight was the time for another round of testing on the new batch of ioNodes I just received.

This time, it included:

A (not so) lengthy process

This takes a little time of course, but thanks to that "tester" application it's much easier than it seems.

The first two boards I tested turned out 100% perfect. Good news :)
However it's almost 4 AM here in Switzerland, so the rest of the boards will have to wait...

Not much more to say for today

I'm very happy to see that the ioNode is such a success in terms of usability.
A small solder jumper has been added to the board, to allow directly connecting VUSB (power provided by the USB host) and VIN (power input to the ioNode) - the flexible power supply just got even better!

The board itself looks really good, I must say the silk job was nicely done and the purple soldermask turned out great.

Last but not least, this thing is TINY. It feels really cool to have 26 I/O pins in such a small footprint.

I'll try to spend some time in the coming days to complete the documentation.

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