Shiva: MP3 player for the masses

Apr 13 2017

over 6 years ago



Many of you have been hearing about it for quite some time...
You've waited long enough - finally the Shiva portable MP3 player is here: an open-source hackable MP3 player for the masses!

Based on the ioNode, Aecho and Nomad modules, the Shiva allows browsing & playing MP3 files stored on any FAT-formatted MicroSD card with audio quality up to 128Kbps.

The actual Shiva board itself is quite simple, featuring an MCP23008 from Microchip for reading the 7 buttons, a DM3D-SF MicroSD card socket from Hirose and a 128x64 OLED display from Adafruit.

Boards & modules ready for assembly

The enclosure

To keep everything neatly together I needed an enclosure. Being lucky enough to own a half-decent 3D printer I decided to keep things minimal but functional. Who needs glue and screws when you can go for a press-fit case?

The source

As always, the code for the Shiva MP3 player is available in the Dooba Firmware SDK under /src/shiva

Schematic and board are available in the Dooba Hardware collection.