Nomad: LiPo power on the go

Apr 12 2017

over 5 years ago



The Nomad is an all-in-one, small-footprint, Li-Po charger & booster module.
Based on the TPS61200 boost converter from Texas Instruments and the MAX1811 LiPo charger from Maxim Integrated, the module charges single-cell 4.2V LiPo batteries at 500mA.
The output is 5.5V and can handle loads up to around 500mA.

Following the Dooba philosophy, the Nomad module is both breadboard-friendly and compact enough to be embedded directly into final products.

With the Nomad, powering any mobile project becomes extremely simple. Many modules are available for boosting LiPo's to a workable voltage, and many USB LiPo charge modules already exist. Yet I could not find a simple solution integrating everything needed to power and recharge a portable project.

Although it was designed with USB charging in mind, the Nomad can use any power source for charging, as long as it's 5V DC and can provide up to 500mA of current.

Below is a picture of the Nomad powering an ioNode and charging a 550mAh LiPo battery:

As always, the schematic and board files are available in the Dooba Hardware collection.