ioNode: a tiny dev board with much power

Feb 16 2017

almost 6 years ago



The ioNode is a tiny embedded development board, based on the Atmel ATMEGA1284P microcontroller.
The idea is to provide a simple uC board that can be used for breadboarding/prototyping, and just as easily integrated into a final design/product.

This is made possible thanks to the small form-factor of the ioNode, but also its broken-out power supply input and output pins, allowing for much flexibility.

A first attempt has proven very successful, using boards (beautifully) printed by OSH Park, stencils cut by OSH Stencils and parts sourced from Digi-Key
I will now improve the board design a little bit (mostly the silkscreen could be better).


Clocked @ 10MHz, the ioNode runs from 3.3V, ensuring compatibility with most chips being used today.

The USB power supply is broken out as "VUSB" pin, while the board's power supply input is broken out as "VIN" pin. This allows for great flexibility in power supply design.

USB Interface

It also features a FT232R USB UART from FTDI, offering on-board USB Serial communication.


The ioNode exposes 24 Digital I/O pins, 8 of which double as Analog Inputs.


A small 'ionode' library is included in the Dooba SDK, offering simple access for development.

The schematic and board files are available in the Dooba Hardware collection.
Source code is available in the Dooba Firmware SDK.