About us

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Dooba is an open-source embedded development ecosystem from Switzerland.

My name is Paul DUNCAN and I founded Dooba in 2016 in Vaud, Switzerland.
I love code, electronics, security and raccoons.

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The ioNode

At the heart of the Dooba ecosystem is the ioNode, a basic hardware development board featuring a microcontroller, a USB interface, and a lot of inputs/outputs.


To support development of firmware, we also provide a Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows extremely fast and straightforward development of firmware components, both simple and complex.

The SDK includes a dependency management system capable of fetching and configuring libraries from various sources, including the official Dooba Core Team repositories.

We provide libraries (with tutorials) for many things ranging from basic code utilities to complete frameworks such as the VFS, the Graphics Framework or Network sockets.

One of the core advantages of the Dooba SDK is the substrate system - a powerful way to generate the underlying bricks for any application with minimal code.

More than just a development kit

The Dooba ecosystem is designed to allow the construction of better applications with less code.

Manage files across multiple storage devices using different file systems.
Open up menus and dialogs through a generic user interface framework on any display.
Call and serve APIs through WiFi using the generic HTTP library.

The Dooba ecosystem takes care of the details and lets you focus on implementing your applications.

We offer a collection of tutorials to help you navigate this ecosystem: the Dooba Wiki.